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If you are looking for the best quality Yorkstone slabs money can buy, feel free to continue browsing. If you are looking for superficial counterparts such as concrete paving/ cheap Indian paving slabs, Please look elsewhere.

Here at NSS we sell Genuine Yorkshire Stone and Genuine York Stone only.


Tel:- 01484 372026
Email:- sales@naturalstonespecialists.com

for a quote on your desired product.

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Finding it difficult to decide what stone you want/need for you driveway/patio?

Have a browse through our completed projects, where we have successfuly supplied our products.

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About Us

About NSS

We specialise in the extraction and supply of ALL YORKSHIRE STONE AND OTHER NATURAL STONE PRODUCTS..  Quarried from our VERY own quarry in Huddersfield,Yorkshire, Our paving is guaranteed to meet the needs and wants you so expect from such a well known and highly rated product.

This paving is DIRECT from
quarry to customer- no middle men/merchanters are involved to bump up the price that little extra, giving you the cheapest possible price from a well known and established premium supplier.  Our York Stone paving is a natural product- it is picked directly from our very own Yorkshire quarry, sometimes hand fettled from larger slab to ensure it is of a suitable thickness. 
We ENSURE that your paving is of an excellent standard- with thorough quality checks of the stone before and after the wrapping, palleting and distribution from our highly skilled stone masoners.
At NSS we understand that long distance purchasing can be an uneasy and daunting task- therefore we keep our main corporate business objective simple- To provide the customer with the best possible service and offer a fantastic online long distance shopping experience.


Our passionate feat to offer excellent customer service coincides with a product that WE KNOW will be of your expected standard and more.  How we ensure this? Live stream of delivery information is available upon request every day  7 days a week, from the assembly of the pallet/s to the storage and distribution for a delivery date that suits YOU, with a 12 hr phone line and email service from our friendly & understanding team at customer services.

Phone our Quarry manager, Owen, on 01484 372026  for quotes on our latest delivery and stock prices.


Alternatively, Email us at sales@naturalstonespecialists.com Unhappy with the final product or the service you received? If such error was to occur, NSS are happy to supply a 100% REFUND, as we are adamant that the quality of our products and the service we provide are of a sustained excellent standard. (T & C apply)

On Sale

Setts and cobbles

Yorkstone paving

Sell Yorkstone

We are always looking to buy and re-distribute reclaimed yorkstone materials, if you have something to sell yorkstone please get in touch.

We specialise in Reclaimed Yorkstone, Including Inside and outside flags. Call us and we will lift, collect and pay upto £30 a square metre for your Yorkstone, whilst offering a friendly convenient service.

Sell yorkstone here! any quantity of york stone is bought at NSS.

Call Will now on 077911 49682 for an instant free no obligation quotation!
Call Owen now on 07519656171 for an instant free no obligation quotation!

We will collect your stone by any means necessary free of charge, and pay good value for the York stone too!

We have the tools and transport capable of lifting and transporting any quantity of Yorkstone Nationwide; Call us now for a free quotation and sell yorkstone here!

We Buy;


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